Empowering parents and schools to ensure the safety of our children - within and outside the schools.

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How it works

Step 1 - SOS

Step 1

Child presses the CareOn button when in trouble.

Step 2

Step 2

Alarm buzzes in school control room with child details. Help is rushed to the child.

Step 3

Step 3

Alert also reaches parent’s mobile. Whereabouts of the child can also be monitored.

Our Solution


Who We are


Working mothers from Ideation, we are offering a comprehensive solution for safety of our children. We strive to create a shared responsibility model for the different stakeholders (parents, schools and children) and empower them with technology that can ensure child safety anytime, anywhere. Our emphasis is on simplifying technology and make it as non-interfering as possible for use by the youngest of users.


For Schools

For Schools

Schools receive instant alerts on their control room screen when a student presses the safety button. Instant help can be provided and unfortunate incidents can be prevented or stopped. No need for continuous screen monitoring.

For Parents

For Parents

Parents receive regular alerts on their mobiles informing them on the whereabouts of their children. They also receive alerts if the child presses the safety button outside school premises.

For Children

For Children

Children, who are left helpless in precarious situations can use the safety button to send instant alerts to their parents and school authorities and can expect instant help.



Careon has built a device that kids of all age can keep with them at all times. This device will have a button that the child can press when in trouble. At once, an alarm will ring in the school control room (this control room will be setup by Careon) who can at once rush to help. Simultaneous alert will also reach the parent’s mobile as an SMS and app notification informing them on the whereabouts of their child.

Yes. When the child presses the device while outside school premises, the alert will go to the parents who can rush to help. Parents can also track their kid’s whereabouts through the mobile app on their phones that will be linked to their child’s device.

The device is fitted with a sim card and can be located at all times through the mobile app. The whole purpose of the device is not to get lost.

You can buy the device directly from our website. Currently, we are taking preorders and will be launching the device on 21st January, 2018.

We are currently talking to schools to set up control rooms. Till the time, schools get onboard, parents can use the device with our mobile app to track the kids.

There is an upfront cost for the device and a recurring monthly cost. We are currently working on the pricing to bring it to you at as low costs as possible.

We have 24X7 on call support for parents to help them with any difficulties they may face with the device. You can also call us to know more about the device.

Yes, the device has a built-in battery that can be recharged. One charge lasts from minimum 8 hours to maximum 3 days, depending on the usage pattern.

We are working on conducting regular sessions is schools to train students on how not to keep body secrets and speak up to teachers and parents through role plays and interactive sessions. We are also running a campaign on our facebook page to educate parents as to how they can talk to their children about these topics.